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by Marge Sheridan Dubuque

The Present Situation: September, 2017

As many of your know, ten years ago I decided to treat my breast cancer with only Protocel Entelev (23). This was very successful and today I remain free from this diagnosis. Now I am facing an interesting new situation which developed about eighteen months ago. At that time I noted that the skin on my arms and shoulders began to feel rough to the touch. I had been diagnosed with psoriasis in my 20’s and also rheumatoid arthritis. When I began taking Protocel to rid myself of intestinal polyps, I noticed that my psoriasis was also clearing up. This all happened about 30 years ago and I have been free from the psoriasis since then. When these rough patches appeared, I thought maybe the psoriasis was coming back. I had stayed on a maintenance dose of Protocel ever since I had the breast cancer in 2007.

In February, 2016, after my daughter noticed a black mark on my back, I consulted a dermatologist. He thought it was nothing but did a biopsy and it came back positive for melanoma. I went back and had an additional sample taken and it was free of cancer cells. I decided at that time to let him biopsy some rough patches on my arms and back. All of these came back as nothing or as a keratosis. He also used the freezing technique on some thick areas. The doctor concluded that these areas were from sun damage and that they could someday turn to cancer.

In the past I had noted several things about Protocel which to my mind seemed relevant. You can develop a cancer while taking it but it is what happens next that counts! That is what happened to me with the breast cancer since I was taking a smaller dose for health reasons when the breast cancer was diagnosed. I had hoped that if one took it regularly there might be cancer cells that lysed before you ever knew you had them. I still believe this to be true. The other thing I noted was that the more virulent the cancer the faster it went away with Protocel. Protocel is not a quick fix ever but it is a non-toxic fix that does not leave your body damaged.

In the fall of 2016 , I had two spots on my face that were about the size of nickels – one on my upper left forehead and the other near the hair line on the right side. They were rather nasty looking and painful. In addition I had a sore spot on my left cheek that was lumpy and sore. Because of my history with psoriasis I thought again that it was psoriasis—kind of stupid of me. At any rate I decided to have these areas biopsied, so back to the dermatologist. The one on the forehead as well as the one at the hairline turned out to be basil cell carcinomas and the one on my left cheek and was a more serious squamous cell.

WHAT I DID: I had already switched to the Protocel Cancell formula (50) after the melanoma. I began to see a very slow improvement in these areas and the one on my left forehead went away very quickly. . However since I have been taking Protocel for over 30 years, I thought I might need a more aggressive approach with it. In January, 2017 I decided to SET UP MY OWN TREATMENT SCHEDULE before any more surgical options or chemo creams. I have to admit that I was also strongly influenced by a friend who had a small cancer taken off her face using a treatment that removes one layer of skin at a time until the layer is completely cancer free. She said it was a terrible experience and ended up with 12 stitches on her face.

First I went over my entire face searching for anything that might look the least bit abnormal. I found rough areas in several places including on my nose, and both ear lobes. In my opinion this would all be a good test to see how Protocel worked on these skin well as the areas that were just sun damaged for now.

I started by doing power dosing for two weeks with Protocel. This means I took the Protocel Cancel 50 four times a day at a rate of ½ tsp. dose instead of the usual 1/4 tsp. I also kept to the every six hour schedule as much as possible. After that I went back on the regular dose (a generous measurement) for two weeks before again power dosing for five days. I stuck to this schedule through May of this year. In addition, I made up a dose of Protocel and mixed it with a little water and at least twice a day I applied it topically to all the suspicious areas on my face as well as any others on my arms and back.

RESULTS The basil cell on my forehead has completely disappeared and so has the one on the right side. I have been seeing the dermatologist during all this time and he is quite impressed with the healing. His concern was still the squamous cell on my left cheek. He wanted me to schedule a treatment where they would take the one layer off at a time. He suggested this in March before I was to leave the country for two months In the end I decided not to do it and made an appointment with him upon my return. While there are still some scales in this area the lump are gone that was under the skin. In addition the mark on my nose is gone and the ones on my ear lobes have shrunk way down. The sun damaged skin on my arms is also clearing up. None of these were cancer as attested to by numerous biopsies but they are getting smoother and peeling away. I discontinued the power dosing at the beginning of June because I was having knee replacement surgery. I did not take it the day before or the day of surgery but then went back on the regular dose on the second day after surgery..

I was about to have the second knee replacement the last time I went to the dermatologist and he agreed things were going in the right direction. I will be seeing him again in October and now that my surgery is completed I plan to go back to the power dosing at least once per month. As a very nice side effect the scar from my knee replacement last year is barely noticeable and the one from this year is even less noticeable. . Everyone comments on it.


I realize that it takes a great deal of faith in a product in order to follow my path. I also realize that it is a slow process and requires patience. It would not be the path for everyone. I have talked to people who have done the surgery and they are ok with it, but I have achieved the same results without cutting up my face. Also the many biopsies have left scars and this treatment has not done that. With so many affected areas, it would have been quite a process to go the surgical route, and I was basically not willing to do it. My dermatologist is being supportive and stopped calling me up all the time. He has agreed to the wait and see approach. He did have me sign a waiver reporting that he had warned me of all the possible outcomes of my decision. He is young and believes in alternatives so that is helpful I plan to continue as before with the power dosing at least once per month for six daysand take the regular dose the rest of the time. It is such a pleasure to feel the smooth areas on my skin which are growing larger all the time.

Margaret Sheridan Dubuque