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Marge Sheridan's Victory Over Breast

Marge updates her personal story here.


by Marge Sheridan Dubuque

UPDATE: January, 2015.

I have just had a complete physical and am most grateful and happy to report
that I continue to be 100% in good health and am feeling just great!

I have been taking Entelev« (Cancell«, Protocel«, under its various names) for almost 27 years. I started because I was diagnosed with intestinal polyps and wanted to see what would happen. They disappeared in three weeks. During this same time period, I also noticed that my psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis seemed better so I decided to continue to take the product. As time went on, I realized I no longer had my twice a year colds, and I have not had a flu virus for more than 16 years. I have lots of energy and generally feel great. In addition, my doctors have been amazed at how well I have done with the arthritis which I have had since I was in my early 20’s.

By the end of 2006, there was a lot of discussion surrounding the proper dose of Protocel« Entelev« 23. Everyone including me seemed to have an opinion. I had always taken ╝ tsp. four times per day (before breakfast, lunch and dinner and before bed) and since I was doing great I thought that was plenty. The bottle recommended four doses with a fifth at bedtime and possibly a double dose. Since I had always done so well on the lower dose, I only reluctantly agreed with the dosage recommendation on the label. I thought about this so often that I finally asked God to give me some guidance in this area.

In November of 2006, I developed a small tumor on the top of my wrist. It was not malignant, but still it bothered me that it was there. I treated it topically with Protocel«, and within about three weeks, it began to peel away.

In February of 2007, I received a call from Pam Hoeppner about her book, The Breast Stays Put. She asked if I would help her with editing the portions about my father and “The Project.” The manuscript arrived in early March. In the meantime, there was some question about the information on Elonna McKibben’s web site. So, I printed out all those pages to re-read.

As planned, I did read both the manuscript and Elonna’s question and answer pages. Through both the reading and discussions with Pam and Elonna I felt I learned a great deal.

In April, my husband and I went to Cancun for a six week stay. My daughter and her family as well as other family members were with us. On the second day there, April 16, 2007, I found a large lump in my right breast. I swear one minute it wasn’t there and the next it was. This is probably hard to believe but I was actually more surprised than scared or upset. I knew this would be a real bummer at the beginning of a vacation so I nixed the idea of telling anyone. I knew for sure that whatever I decided to do it would be MY decision. My gut feeling was that God had my attention and that there was a purpose behind all of it. On consideration, I decided that the timing was no accident. I was in my favorite place in the whole world and the place where I was always most relaxed. Also I was more on board with information than I had been and I knew I had only two choices; go home or stay and take Protocel« Entelev« 23 at the higher dose. I really felt God had placed me in this position, because He wanted me to make this choice and just have faith. While reading her book, I had marveled at the faith Pam Hoeppner had shown and now I was in her position, but I had an advantage. I am Jim Sheridan’s daughter and I had lived with his formula my whole life. I decided to make the information I had obtained from Pam’s book my guide in how to handle my own situation.

That first night I doubled the dose I took before going to bed and I made sure that I took my next dose in less than six hours. After that, I took it every four hours during the day. I had increased my intake from ╝ tsp. four times per day to ╝ tsp. four times per day and Ż tsp. at bedtime. I also started to mix the product with bottled or distilled water and take it on an empty stomach whenever possible. I did not know if any of this really mattered, but I wanted to give myself every advantage.

In the next few weeks, the lump became visible when I looked in the mirror. I started to keep a journal so that I would be able to remember the timing. I was actually watching the tumor grow. I had no pain.

During all the years I had taken Protocel« Entelev« 23 I had never seen lysing. In fact, when people first started talking about it I did not know what they were referring to. Reading Elonna McKibben’s booklet helped educate me on the subject and I would like to see everyone taking Protocel« become familiar with it, as well as her web site.

The first thing I noticed was a blemish on the back of my calf that had a white center. It looked like a very large pimple but was not fluid filled. Eventually, it burst and drained. As the weeks passed, my eyes began to burn and I had a lot of “sand” in them. There was drainage from my ears. My nose was running. There were bubbles in my urine and I was eliminating larger amounts of waste. My body seemed to be getting rid of a lot of junk. One other thing began to happen that I had not heard of except in Pam’s book, The Breast Stays Put, I started to get darting pains through my right breast. I visualized a jagged lightening bolt which came fast and was gone. Sometimes, it happened several times in an hour or in a day. The pain was not severe and it was over quickly. Pam had described this as a sign that Protocel« was working.

At last, I returned home to the real world. Now that I had a large supply of the product, I made my doses a little more generous so they were probably closer to 1/3 tsp. than ╝. I had been on the formula for so many years that I was concerned that I might need a little more even though I was lysing heavily. It was now late June 2007.

It was time for my yearly physical which went okay until they wanted me to go for a mammogram. I refused, but once the PA found out why she freaked. I agreed to go for a sonogram, MRI, and have blood work. For the blood work, I decided to go on my own and have a Cancer Profile done by American Metabolic Laboratories at 1818 Sheridan St. Suite 102, Hollywood, Florida 33020. Phone: 954-929-4896. Since this test is not approved by Medicare, I paid for it myself. I had learned about it in Pam’s book. By this time, I had been taking Protocel« Entelev« 23 at the recommended level for over three months. I was still lysing, the lump was still there and still large enough to be visible. The radiologist tried to push me to have a mammogram, and I kept saying, “What is the point?”

Once all the tests came back, it was confirmed that I had what I will call “a light case of breast cancer.”

At this point, I was through with the doctor except to have him monitor my condition. I must say the office was really cooperative even though they thought I was crazy. They tried to hand me off to an oncologist, but I refused go to one. They did not desert me and I was grateful for that. I did agree to further testing in the fall, but I was done for the summer. I pretty much kept my doctor on hold through early October 2007 while I traveled but, when I came back, I agreed to a complete bone scan, body scan and chest x-ray. I refused the mammogram. I also thought about taking the other things recommended for breast cancer, especially IC3, but I could not find the information, so I decided I was not supposed to. All the scans came back negative (except for the lump in the right breast), and at this point, the most recent CA15-3 tumor marker test for breast cancer also came back in the normal range.

It was now six months (late October) and the lump had shrunk to a hard pea size that I could no longer see! I repeated the CA Profile Test and there were no results in the positive range. There were still some results in the gray area, but I figured everything was going in the right direction. It is strange, but the need to share this story with anyone just was not there. I only told one person, because there was a compelling reason to do so. I felt God at my side and that was all I needed. Only once did I falter a little and that was just before all the testing. One day during a worship service I asked God for a sign. I was no longer having the lightening pains though my breast. So, I asked God to send me one more just to say I was on the right track. I did not have to wait more than a few minutes before lightening struck. I have never had one since. It was enough to tell me I was okay. I feel that all that was really left in my breast at that point was junk and as far as I was concerned it did not matter if it went away or not. I finally told my family and a few close friends. It was now the end of 2007 and eight months since I found the lump.

Trying to put something out of your mind and actually doing it is one thing. I kept wondering if it was fair for me to not share this story. I honestly was afraid that people might think I was being self-serving. Finally, on March 8, 2008, I looked up and said, “God if you want me to tell my story you had better let me know in a way that I cannot ignore.”

The next day, Sunday, March 9, 2008, God hit me with such an awesome experience that there was no doubt as to the direction He wished me to go. That morning when I walked into the church service, I found that the sermon was based on James 5:14-16. During the sermon, it was as if the Pastor was only speaking to me. There was a roaring in my ears and I felt as if she and I were alone in the room and that she was looking directly at me when she spoke. She said that the Bible proclaimed that when we are sick we are to go to the elders of the church and have them pray for us. The tears ran down my face as she anointed me with oil during the healing service and I knew I had to share my healing with others for the Glory of God. Two days later I told my small group at church and then a few more friends. I also put my story in the class newsletter for my nursing school, because there has been such a high rate of breast cancer in the group.

I had the blood test repeated in February 2008 and the numbers were normal. My doctor was now taking a wait and see attitude and stopped bugging me, except to show up every three months. We did agree that I would have another blood test in the fall (2008) and also another sonogram. When the time came, the blood test showed all normal numbers, but the sonogram showed the lump still there, and they kept saying it was the same size as before. The CA15-3 was again normal. I told the doctor that there was really nothing to compare the sonogram to as I had the first one near the beginning, and then, watched the lump get larger and as the months went by watched it shrink. So, we needed a third test for comparison. He agreed and we decided to wait until after the holidays. As I was leaving his office I again looked heavenward, as I often do when talking to God, and said, “Well we have four months until January. I know You can make this happen.”

Only one unusual thing happened during the next few months. Kathie, who keeps in contact with those taking Protocel« called and asked me if I was taking Omega 3 pills I said I was. She told me that it was felt by some that Omega 3 in excess, like some other supplements, might possibly interfere with Protocel« Entelev« 23. I immediately stopped those pills.

On January 16th 2009, I went in for the sonogram. The technician could not believe her eyes. She took the time to pull up my two previous sonograms and kept running back and forth to look at them in disbelief. She could not find anything. She said that except for what looked like a small space where something had been the tumor (lump) was completely gone!

I am placing this story on our family Web site to relate what happened to me. This is my story and I am sharing the sequence of events that are backed by my medical records. When I tell people my story, I usually get the same questions, which I answer as follows:

1 Diet: My father always said the healthiest way to eat is like our grandparents used to - Everything in moderation with no excesses. I eat a well balanced diet from all food groups but mainly get my protein from chicken, fish, eggs and cheese. I do eat beef several times per month. I eat lots of vegetables and salads, but I am allergic to many fruits. I usually have some sort of dessert every day but not usually in large amounts. I drink only water and Diet Pepsi. I did not alter my eating pattern during this time.

2 Exercise: I try to exercise about five times a week, usually water aerobics as I live in a warm climate. I also ride an exercise bike or walk on a tread mill.

3 Medications and supplements: I take only thyroid pills as a prescription drug. For supplements: I use Calcium with Vitamin D, Niacin, Magnesium (suggested for leg cramps) Glucosamine with Chondroitin, and garlic. I have not taken a vitamin pill for more than twenty years and I quit the Omega 3 when I was told it might interfere with Protocel«. I have taken a multiple B complex in the past.

4 Sleep and Stress: I actively tried to get more sleep and took some naps during the early months. I did get up to take the early morning dose of Protocel«. I still try to get eight hours a night, but rarely take a nap. I have tried to reduce the stress in my life as much as possible by eliminating situations that caused me problems.

I thank God every day and try to walk in His path. God’s Blessings to you all.

signed: Marge Sheridan Dubuque